Humans are not the only animal that use cheats to make things easier. Some of the animals and plants have weird but very clever cheating skills to survive in their environment, too.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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Image Sources:,_Passerculus_sandwichensis,_and_Brown_headed_Cowbird,_Molothrus_ater,_nest_eggs_parasitism_closeup.jpg[email protected]/31759434616/in/photolist-J8hPju-dfTB3w-xZvStE-QotpqU-G9gb3b-u2mifa Photo by Michael Whitehead[email protected]/16616316055/in/photolist-umSs7P-rjjXRR-dSPtf3-qnydRH-8dpRY7-2PdyE4-2Pdytp-CKkLmY-5WgS3U-QHs9sw-umSrEX-viH4Ck Photo by alice nicolson