The world is marvelous and weird, and SciShow is here to explain it. Whether it’s earthquakes in Italy, meteors in Russia or why some people’s pee doesn’t smell like asparagus, SciShow explores the surprising and exciting realities of our universe that science is uncovering daily, introducing completely new ideas and information, as well as explaining stuff we’ve known for ages, but maybe haven’t been great at conveying accurately.

With equal parts skepticism and enthusiasm, hosts Hank Green and Michael Aranda dig into the topics that make us wonder. A weekly news show unpacks recent--and frequently weird--scientific research. Short and long-form videos dive into specific topics in science and the history of human discovery. Twice a month, Hank learns from a scientist in the field on SciShow Talk Show, or gets schooled by Michael Aranda and a special guest on SciShow Quiz Show, winning prizes for loyal SciShow viewers. And every week, our shortest video, Quick Question answers a question inspired, or asked directly, by a SciShow viewer.

Conceived of and created by Hank Green, SciShow launched in 2012 as part of YouTube Original Channel Initiative. It’s since grown to launch two other channels, SciShow Space and SciShow Kids.
Hank Green
Executive Producer
Hank Green started making YouTube videos in 2007 with his brother, John. They thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but it turned out pretty well. In addition to his work with SciShow, Hank is the CEO of VidCon, and co-founder of DFTBA Records and Crash Course.
Blake de Pastino
Editor-in-Chief, Head Writer
Blake is a science journalist who has worked for National Geographic and a bunch of other things, back when we used to communicate by printing news on trees. He’s also the creator of Western Digs, a science news site that covers archaeology and paleontology in the American West, because he believes death is when things just start to get interesting.
Caitlin Hofmeister
Caitlin has worked at a daycare, a hotel, a warehouse, in restaurants, bars, bookstores, on a train, in a candy store in a movie, in libraries, in classrooms, on a balcony overlooking a gymnasium, in barns, in a pool pretending to be a scuba instructor and on YouTube.
Michael Aranda
Michael is a daily vlogger, SciShow host, musician and sound designer by day, and is also those same things at night. He loves spending money on college tuition and root canals, and is most widely known for not sleeping.
Lou Winkler
Videomaker, Motion Graphics
Jack of all trades - skilled at many (filming, editing, animating, just to name a few) - this playful character contributes to the many aspects that is the SciShow production team. His current fascination with electronics, frequency modulation and human interaction with artificial intelligence seems to keep his batteries charged.
Stefan Chin
Videomaker, Motion Graphics
Best known for his one-of-a-kind Harlem Shake video, Stefan is a sensitive lad. Very limber. He enjoys moderately lengthed walks on sidewalks near a beach, yelling, and Thai food. Also, he is quite the board game aficionado. Did I spell aficionado correctly?
Sarah Meismer
Videomaker, Motion Graphics
Sarah is the recipient of her high school’s prestigious ‘Most Improved Swimmer’ award, but she quit because she went too deep and the pressure got to her. She can now be found working on documentaries, aggressively avoiding or pursuing eye contact, and narrating the dramatic lives of microscopic creatures.
Alyssa Lerner
Script Editor, Head Writer
Alyssa spends most of her time deciphering serious academic papers about asparagus. But after hours, odds are you'll find her losing spectacularly at a video game or surrounded by circuit boards and an assortment of screws. She knows an alarming number of obscure facts about tiny towns.
Sam Schultz
Animator, Motion Graphics
Cartoonist/animator Sam Schultz spent his youth playing Nintendo and reading Krazy Kat comics instead of learning math, but that’s worked out pretty well for him so far. In his free time he can be found stressing out about his mobile art gallery and playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Sarah Gullickson
Animator, Motion Graphics
When she’s not laughing with her hilarious coworkers, Sarah enjoys thriller novels, a good cookie, and aspiring to be on the same level as Amy Poehler. Oh yeah! And, she loves Olivia Benson.
Megan Toenyes
Animator, Motion Graphics
…is a ton of yes. This former chainsaw-wielding ice carver is a fan of dalmatians, people with freckles and most things with spots. When she isn’t bringing inanimate objects to life she enjoys making movies with friends, decorating cupcakes, watching horror comedies and studying the physics in video games.
Valerie Barr
Social Media Manager
Valerie is very good at saying things on the internet. It’s her job. She likes it. She also enjoys peanut butter, winter, weird nerd music, and complicated board games. Parades, mountains, and pretty much any public display of humans working together for the greater good make her cry.